I got fed up with the “Anti-Zionists” in my life and wrote this satire–

[Please note Poe’s Law]

[Trigger Warning for Antisemitism]

Dear Editor,

I am writing in complaint of a recent column by Mr. Goldburg in which he criticized my article entitled, “The Problem of the Jews.”

Here is a quote from my original piece that Mr. Goldburg most takes issue with:

Obviously we have a problem with all the Jews all over the place, controlling everything. I recommend a federal study be conducted for options of what we could do to the Jews in order to neutralize the problem.

Mr. Goldburg attacked me and called me slurs like “antisemite” and “Nazi-like,” accusing me of recommending a “new Holocaust,” when I said nothing of the sort.

My words only called for a Congressional investigation and nothing more. Congress could recommend giving all the Jews lollipops to ease the problem for all Mr. Goldburg and I know. And besides, many moderate Jews have suggested many things much worse that what I recommend. Nonetheless, Mr. Goldburg suggests that I am any one of the number of racial slurs he used against me, a member of the White Race, of which he is not a part.

Truly, by silencing my arguments, he is the true racist in this conversation.

And I hope this instance is a lesson for the future for all others who wish to so violently and radically oppress the voices of Anti-Zionists like myself. (Remember: anti-zionist =! antisemite.)



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